March 18th  Update:


Lori and I are wishing all of you our best thoughts in keeping healthy during these crazy times.


We have canceled our plans for a spring pop up store due to the Covid 19 situation.


We will absolutely be having our Holiday store in December so please keep us in mind!



As Always, feel free to contact us during the year.


We are local in the Raleigh area and are happy to meet our customers who have any specific needs!



919 782 5777



























Category: Designer Styles 6011348 $55
gold twist dangle earrings Category: Designer Styles 6115326 $60
mixed metal ring Category: Designer Styles 6013033 $36
mixed metal twist bracelet Category: Des. Styles - 6011446
gold cross necklace -------Category: Des. Styles 6111329
engraved hoop earrings Category:Designer Styles 6112234 $40